Monday, April 1, 2013

Same Focal Bead, Different Jewelry Designs

 Forget Me Not Earrings - color combo inspired by the beautiful flower
I have been going through my bead stash and found these lovely blue jade disc beads.  I remember (vaguely) buying them but then they just sat around waiting....

Black Swallowtail Bracelet - inspired by the lovely butterfly of the same name
So I scooped up the jade and some other beads and started creating!  From 1 string of beads, I made 4 pieces of jewelry.  I know the earrings are basically the same design, but I think they feel different because of the accent materials used.

Blue Anemone Earrings - this pair of cluster earrings reminds me of the anemone and poppy flowers
This has inspired me to continue to "destash" and create several pieces from a strand of beads.  Why stash beads at all?  I bought them to create, right?!

Bluejay Bracelet - color combination inspired by the bright bird
Maybe this will inspire you to go through you stashes, too, and see what goodies lay forgotten....

All of my available designs are in my Etsy Shop.  All of my designs can be seen in my DeviantArt Gallery.

Happy Creating,

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