Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mini Garden Pendants in Epoxy Clay

New Medium - Epoxy Clay!  
Custom Mini Rose Garden Pendant
I've started playing with a new medium - epoxy clay! It's also called jewelry clay or crystal clay and it's a 2-part clay that feels like polymer clay but has epoxy glue/binder in it.

 Epoxy clay - comes in 2 parts.  This is the pack I used from Fire Mountain Gems.
 Also available at Michaels Craft Stores and many online bead/jewelry venues in small amounts.

So what's this strange clay good for?  Many fun and creative endeavors, including making your own rhinestone jewelry or beads, decorating high heels, adding a little something to picture frames....and probably several others .  I chose to make mini-gardens using glass beads and bezel settings!

 A close-up of my Mini Rose Garden Pendant in red.

I'm thinking of and planning more uses for epoxy clay...  If you are like me and want to test out these fun new products, then pick some up and try it!  This is an easy one to use as you don't need any special tools - just the clay, whatever you want to embed, and whatever you want to decorate!  You can use polymer clay tools with this, but I'm not sure if you have to worry about cross-contamination with polymer clay.  This is a little stickier since an adhesive is involved.  If you do use any tools, make sure you clean them well when you are done - the epoxy will make the clay stick very well to just about everything!

Mini Rose Garden Pendant - Coral Rose, Glass Leaves

This clay air dries in 24 hours and has a work time of about an hour.  Fingers work great for forming it if you don't have tools on hand, but remember to be safe - work in a ventilated area and wear gloves.  I suggest vinyl because they are affordable and easy to find (I can find them at most grocery stores in the cleaning aisle).  Nitrile will also work, but some epoxy reacts with latex.

  Mini Flower Garden Pendant - in Blue and Yellow

If you are going to make jewelry, start with the smallest amount you can buy - a very little bit goes a long way.  I only needed a pea-sized amount for these pendants!  If you are interested in larger projects, buy in bulk as it will save you $$$.  Here's some more info and bulk sales:  Epoxy Clay.

Mini Garden Pendant - Leaves in Coral and Cream
These mini garden pendants are now available in my Etsy Shop, PZ Designs, here: Mini Garden Pendants.

I'm working on a variety of styles, with more coming soon....and I LOVE taking custom requests!  I also love sharing knowledge and learning from others, so don't be shy with questions, either!

Happy Creating!

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