Friday, April 12, 2013

Jewelry Magazines - Comprehensive List, Anyone?

I keep finding new jewelry making magazines, and was wondering how many were out there.  I've found the following, and have seen/read most of the ones from the U.S.  The Belle Armoire Jewelry is completely new to me, and the Bead Design magazine is the newest one that I've gotten to read through.  BeadStyle and Beadwork are still favorites, but it's fun to change it up sometimes!  I'm really interested in the international magazines that have been suggested.....

From Kalmbach Publishing Company:

BeadStyle Magazine
(also Special Issues such as Everyday Gemstones, Pearls)

     Yearlies from Kalmbach:

(sold as a Special Issue)

From Interweave Press:

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine
More Yearlies from Interweave:

From Stampington and Company:

From All American Crafts:

From Northridge Publishing:

From Scott Publications:

From Brysella Publishing:

Creative Fire Magazine (coming Winter 2013)

From Canadian Beading Magazine:

(the only FREE magazine I've found - available online)

From Aceville Publications Ltd.:

From The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications:

From Ashdown Ltd.:

 Bead Magazine (from U.K.)

From Traplet Publications:

From Universal Magazines:

From Woodland Publishing:

Creative Beading (from Australia)

From Digital Beading Magazine:

From Beader's Best:

Perlen Poesie (from Germany, available in English)

From Fantasy Craft Srl:

Bijoux che PASSIONE! (from Italy - no translation available)

From Boutique Co.:

Beads Friend (from Japan)
(publisher's page - in Japanese)

Unknown Publisher:

Bead Art Magazine (from Japan - Yearly)
Showcase from the Yokohama Bead Art Show

From Glass Line:

From Rock and Gem Magazine:

Rock and Gem Magazine
 (if you are interested in more Lapidary magazines, check out this list: Inland Lapidary)

DISCONTINUED - Some jewelry making magazines that are no longer in print.  Many still have back issues available:

So what jewelry magazines have I missed?  I'm sure there are others out there - please leave a comment so I can add to this list!  It would be awesome to have a comprehensive list!

Happy Reading!

EDIT:  I will add the mags I've missed here:

From Valu-Publishing:

 Bead-It Today 

From Amos Press, Inc.:

Crafts and Things 

From Ashdown Inc.:

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