Friday, March 28, 2014

DnD Minis 2: Oriental Dragon

Since I can't show the jewelry I've been working on until May 3rd (wonder why?  read this post!), I've decided to show off another DnD miniature!  I haven't had much time to work on these little guys, either, so I only have 1 this time.

But he's a little larger, about 4 inches long, and more detailed.  I also spent more time putting the base together with rough sand, crystal formations, and epoxy clay - that's totally what clouds are made of, right?!  He's an oriental dragon turned air elemental - I think that comes across okay, but maybe I've been staring at him too long....

(click on the above image to zoom in)

His eyes were a dark bronze color, but I think the green shows up better.  I have a range of blues, purples, bronze, gold, and yellow on here.  There were many layers - I have to say that painting metal models is more difficult than the Bones figures.   The paint sticks better to the Bones figures - and I used a double coat of primer!  Thank goodness for sealants - I really hope that helps keep the paint in place because I don't want to repaint him any time soon....

I'll probably tackle another dragon next, but I have something really special planned for him....we'll see if I can make it work!  And I need more epoxy clay - that stuff is awesome for basing these models....oh, and for jewelry making!

Happy Creating,

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