Friday, January 9, 2015

Lessons in Photographing Jewelry

Awhile ago (like, years ago), I wrote a blog about jewelry photography tips.  I can't say I was a professional then, or that I'm a professional now, but I have made some pretty drastic improvements over the years (both in my photography skills and in my jewelry designs), and here's the proof!

Scanner "photograph" - feeling dizzy yet?!

Too close, too busy!

Ah, models...and 2-toned photographs....

Look, no border!  But what is that color?!

Black on black is kinda like yeti in snowstorms - invisible....

Ah!  That border!  The background is looking better....

Very clear, crisp, and a bit clinical.
Sterling silver washes out with a white background, however....

Here, the sterling silver pops & the prop adds to the overall effect.

The last photograph is where I hope my new photographs will be - still crisp and clear, but a little warmer, a little friendier.... Hope you enjoyed the nostalgic (or maybe nauseating) trip down memory lane! 

Happy Creating (and Photographing!),

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