Thursday, March 18, 2010

Amazing Glass Jewelry Artists

I was perusing new jewelry submissions on DeviantArt when I came across some awesome glass jewelry that made me wonder what else was out there.  I'm not talking about glass beaded jewelry, but handmade glass jewelry - fused, dichroic, furnace, etc.  Here are 6 amazing artists that I've chosen to feature:

Each artist here has a variety of pieces available in his/her shop - so check them out for more designs (links above).  I have only chosen 6 artists from Etsy and 1000 Markets - there are many more talents out there with beautiful and intricate designs.  Searching for other artists is worth it as you never know what precious find you will make!


  1. I love those crab earrings! These are all great works.

  2. What an honor to be featured with all these amazing artists! Thanks! Cheers to you! Kim, 3 Wishes Studio


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