Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unique Resin-Based Jewelry

I stumbled across a truly unique piece of resin jewelry the other day (don't worry, it's shown below with the others!), and it made me wonder what else was out there.  We've all seen resin-based jewelry - it's usually a lovely or cute image covered in clear resin and set in a pendant or a ring.  I'm not showing you this type of resin jewelry - I'm showcasing some more creative artists.  Utilizing recycled materials, using unique molds, and taking that extra step to create some truly beautiful and whimsical designs!

Each of the artists showcased here have many pieces available in their shops, including some work that isn't resin based.  Visit their shops to see what else their talents have created (links above).  There are many other talented resin artists out there, so search through Etsy or 1000 Markets for resin-based jewelry that calls to your tastes!

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