Friday, March 7, 2014

Friendly Kids Decor - Pillows!

Pillows for my daughters - pink skulls and purple owls!

My girls and I were in a fabric store looking for curtain material to decorate their rooms, but instead found these cute fabrics made from heavy canvas material.  While the material wouldn't make very great curtains, it certainly would make great pillows (it withstands the hard use of children quite well)!  Plus, soft and unbreakable is great for kids' rooms....and it doesn't get softer and more unbreakable than pillows!

Piping Edge on Pillows - adds a little something more!

I wanted the pillows to be a little more special than just a square, so I rounded the corners and added cord piping on the edge.  It took less than an afternoon to make both pillows, the girls love them, and their bedrooms have a little more "personal" touch (other than the constant toy mess on the floor.....)!

If you want to make your own pillows with piping, I suggest this tutorial by The Seasoned Homemaker.  It's the one I (mostly) followed and she even shows you how to make your own piping (I did not do that - I bought cording already made for piping instead).  I prefer the envelope pillows to zippered ones because I really dislike sewing zippers, and I don't like hard zippers on my soft pillows!  She does a nice job, so there was no reason for my to attempt a tutorial....

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