Friday, March 21, 2014

Copper Capped Earrings

NEW!  Copper Capped Earrings

My newest design - Copper Capped Earrings!  A wonderful mix of metals - copper and sterling - with an earthy touch (natural stone bead) in a modern design.  Everything is handmade, from the copper caps to the sterling wire work and connections.

Copper Capped Earrings - all handmade components!

I think the whole design works well together and I love them!  This pair is mine (um, they have to be tested, yeah.....) but similar pairs will be up in my etsy shop soon, or you can always request a pair!  I have already made another pair for a customer - going in the mail tomorrow!

Blue Labradorite - new center stone beads for this design!

Which means, unfortunately, that I am now out of gray stone beads.  I also can't find any more (so if you know of a shop - please share!), but I did pick up some fantastic "blue" labradorite that is going to look awesome in this design!  It is still gray, but with a bit of cat's eye glow....

Happy Creating,

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