Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet Elvis!

Last year I was searching for a cookie jar, and I posted about a number of lovelies that I had found (see the post here).  A couple of the potters contacted me after the post, but one in particular stood out.  I was leaning a little more towards the whimsical cookie jars anyway (aren't the cookie jars really for the kids????), but when Stormy of The Black Dog Pottery made contact, my decision was made!  She was polite and informative without being pushy, and she was very accommodating.  I already loved her little Cuties, but I wanted different colors and maybe a tail....

Elvis, a Cutie by The Black Dog Pottery studio.

And Elvis was born!  While he isn't really big enough for the batches of cookies I make, I still love him and his silly face.  He's perfect for candy and my girls think he's fun too!  I still love how the lid opens across his mouth, and how the inside is just as nicely finished and glazed as the outside.  Plus, he was delivered early!

While I don't see any Cuties listed currently, Stormy would probably accept a custom order.  Or check out some of her other creations - from beautiful to earthy to whimsical, they are there and made with love and precision!  I'm now eying her little fairy houses....

Fairy House by Black Dog Pottery on Etsy

Thanks again, Stormy!

Happy Creating,

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